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Firstly, we do one to two mailings a week and we run our website through Big Cartel, who unfortunately do not send shipping notifications. Rest assured your order will always be packed and sent as fast as humanly possible by one person with two human hands! (ha!)

UK shipping does NOT come with tracking as standard. If you would like tracked shipping, please purchase the Shipping Upgrade listing in the shop as a part of your order. I HIGHLY recommend this for any international orders during the busy holiday period.

I have already started to notice shipping times slow down - 1st Class UK shipping is occasionally taking 2-3 working days to reach people instead of the usual next working day. If you'd like your order tracked, please purchase the Shipping Upgrade listing in the shop as part of your order.

Orders will start to take longer from now on. I would recommend ordering sooner rather than later as a few orders have taken up to 4 weeks to arrive rather than the average 2 weeks.
Europe - slightly better but I'd still recommend getting your orders in as soon as you can to avoid any delays.

It's uncommon for orders to get lost, but, it can happen. We will ALWAYS try to help you with lost/delayed orders, but please remember that we can't control the post. It sucks! With that in mind, be kind and we will do everything in our power to help.

Finally, please please please double check your address before you order! It the best way to ensure smooth delivery!

And finally-finally, thank you so much to every single person who chooses to order anything from us, you mean the absolute world to us - we really mean that. We hope you have the best Christmas ever!

Ruby & Russell, aka Life Club xo