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'Prana Mudra Hand' Patch


The Prana Mudra hand gesture wakes up that dormant energy inside you and invites positivity into your life. Stay peaceful, you are alive.

Approx. 120mm (4.7") tall, embroidered patch with iron on backing to make your life easy.

Approx. £1.00 of the profits go to our local Animal Sanctuary. See the 'About Life Club' page to find out more :)


Step 1: Set your hand iron at the hottest temperature setting. Do not use ANY steam!

Step 2: Place your patch in the desired position and place a pressing cloth (such as a handkerchief, sheet, teatowel or pillowcase fabric) over top.

Step 3: Press the iron straight down for 35-45 seconds with as much constant pressure as possible. No back and forth movements.

Step 4: Turn the garment inside-out and repeat steps 2 & 3.

Step 5: Allow the patch to cool down.